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Ratco, Inc. Since 1978

Tradition & Experience

Ratco, Inc. has been solely owned by Douglas Riley since 1978.   Doug operates Ratco, Inc. today the same way he has run it since it began..... a great, honest rebuild with attention to detail and efficiency.   Doug understands metals and how they should be used in a rebuild or repair.  Our mechanics are more than mechanics.  They know if a unit needs to be machined, they mic the parts, clean every touching surface, inspect for wear and cracks, determine what caused a failure.  All these components makes for a strong, well-built transmission or differential.  It's the attention to detail that can make the difference.  Let over 40 years of knowledgeable experience be the difference in your next rebuild.

Not Just Rebuilds

Ratco, Inc. also stocks Factory-New units.  We can ship them anywhere and our prices are competitive.  We also stock reman transmissions and differentials.  Need a custom rebuild?  We do that too.  We don't shy away from obsolete units or older units.  

...Still Going Strong

We have a proud 40+ year history of excellent work and customer service.  We have long-time customers and have new customers contacting us almost weekly.  We enjoy talking to our customers (you are welcome to watch as we work on your unit), and we like to get to know them.  Our interest is you.....our customer.