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What can we say????

We Are the Best At What We Do..........

With over 40 years of experience, Doug Riley's Ratco, Inc. is a proven leader is the transmission and rebuild industry.  He and his crew pride themselves on their expertise and attention to detial.


We rebuild and repair transmissions and rebuilds efficiently and accurately.....with a high attention to detail.

We stock or we can order Factory-New units and ship them anywhere.  At competiive pricing.  

We stock remanned transmissions and differentials.  Competitively priced, we can ship these anywhere also.  Or you can arrange to pick them up at the shop.

Unique to the industry, we have a large machine shop that is set up specifically for our cases.

We clean the torn-down units thoroughly.  Where any two parts touch, they are separated for cleaning.  We inspect at tear-down, prior to cleaning, coming out of cleaning and on the rebuild table.  

We stock new, genuine parts.   We not only use the parts in our rebuilds, but we also sell to dealers, other shops and the general public.   We have competitive pricing on our parts as well so give us a call.

We are happy to provide parts options for our customers.  We have a healthy stock of new, genuine parts.    We do stock aftermarket and used parts as we have a number of customers who request them.  

We get to know our customers.  We talk to them.  Invite them to watch their rebuild.  We want the customer to see the mechanics.....to know their rebuild is in  good hands.